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This series of pages is a supplement to two of my books The Anime Companion and The Anime Companion 2.

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Special Supplement: Rurouni Kenshin OVAs

Each Supplement page consists of:
1. A list of entries in the books with page numbers.
2. New entries for items not found in the books.
3. Japanese characters for entries
4. Secondary sources used to find information for each entry.
5. Additional information for some entries.
6. Links to select Internet resources related to the entries.

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For more information about this supplement see The Anime Companion Supplement main page. Additions are announced in the Anime Companion Supplement News page and in my Blog.

Hyphenated Japanese terms are listed as single words.

The inclusion of an anime or manga title in these entries is not a recommendation of that title, see my Recommended Anime and Manga page for a list of my recommendations

LADIES' COMICS see: redikomi (ladies' comics)

LADIES OF THE NIGHT see: fūzokujo (sex industry workers)

LADY see: redii (lady bikers)

LADY, YOUNG see: ojōsan (young lady)

LAKE BIWA see: Biwako (The Anime Companion 2 p.10)

LAKE SUWA see: Suwako (The Anime Companion 2 p.94)

LANCE see: naginata (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.91)

LAND GRABBER see: jiageya

LAND OF GLOOM see: Yomi (Land of Gloom)

LAND SHARK see: jiageya (land shark)

LANTERN FESTIVAL see: bon (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.12)

LANTERN FLOATING see: tōrō nagashi (lantern floating)

LANTERN, FOUR LEGGED STANDING see: kaku andon (The Anime Companion 2 p.38)

LANTERN WITH A FACE see: bura-bura

LANTERN WITH SHŌJI COVERING, STANDING see: kaku andon (The Anime Companion 2 p.38)

LANTERNS, HANGING, METAL see: tsuri-dōrō (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.141)

LANTERNS, HANGING PAPER see: chōchin (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.19)

LANTERNS ON RIVER see: tōrō nagashi (lantern floating)

LANTERNS, RED see: aka-chōchin (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.4)

LANTERNS, STONE see: ishi-dōrō (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.51)

LARGE HEADED MAN IN FORMAL DRESS KNEELING see: Fukusuke (man of good fortune)

LARGE STANDING RING ON SHRINE GROUNDS see: chi no wa (large standing ring)

LAUNDRY POLE see: saodake

LAVER see: nori (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.97)


A major Japanese konbini (convenience store) chain that began operation in Ōsaka (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.102) in June 1975 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Daiei, Inc. as Daiei LAWSON Co.,Ltd. in 1979 the name became LAWSON Japan, Inc. In 1996 the name was again changed to LAWSON, INC. Starting in 2001 the company began creating specialized LAWSON chains such as NATURAL LAWSON, LAWSON STORE100/ SHOP99 and LAWSON PLUS. By the end of February 2009 there were over 10,000 LAWSON stores in Japan. LAWSON also sells tickets, through a subsidiary LAWSON TICKET, INC., most famously it is the place in Japan one goes to buy tickets to the Ghibli Museum.
In Old Boy you can see "LOWSAN" stores in volues 1 (p.195) and 2 (p.25).
Some guys hang out talking in front of a Lawson store in Blood the Last Vampire 2002 (p.76).
Lawson Annual Report 2009 p.7
History of LAWSON, INC.
Web Site:



LDP see: Jiyū Minshutō (Liberal Democratic Party) (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.55)

LEAGUE MARKER see: ichirizuka (milestone mound)

LEAVE IT BEHIND see: oiteke-bori (leave it behind)


LEEK see: negi (The Anime Companion 2 p.61)

LEGISLATURE see: Kokkai (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.72)

LEGLESS CHAIRS see: zaisu (The Anime Companion 2 p.120)

LENDING LIBRARY see: kashihonya (book rental shops)

yuri (lesbian [slang])
rezubian (The Anime Companion 2 p.73)

LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY see: Jiyū Minshutō (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.55)


LID THAT FITS INSIDE POT see: otoshibuta (The Anime Companion 2 p.70)

LIGHT NOVEL see: raito noberu (light novel)

LILY see: yuri (lily)

LILY [SLANG] see: yuri (lesbian [slang])

LILY OF THE VALLEY see: tanima no shirayuri (white lily of the valley)

LIN-CHI see: Rinzaishū (Rinzai sect)

LINJI see: Rinzaishū (Rinzai sect)

LIP-SERVICE see: ferachio (fellatio)

Lipovitan リポビタン
A series of nutritional supplement drinks (see: eiyō drinks, The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.26) made by Taisho Pharmaceutical starting in 1962 with Lipovitan-D. The drinks are mainly mixtures of vitamins and, depending on the particular formula, some other ingredients such as sugar, taurine, ginsing, maltodextrin, grape seed extract, and glucosamine. In Japan they were sold at pharmacies until deregulation in 1999 allowed them to be sold in other outlets. The products are now sold in many countries in Asia, Europe and throughout North America.
In City Hunter 2 (ep. 6) Ryo does a mock commercial for "Ripopitan D" energy drink.
All accessed for this entry on June 28, 2010:
History | Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Overseas Development | Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
サイト内検索 | 大正製薬
Web Sites:
Lipovitan - Sustained Energy Drink
リポビタンD博物館|リポD工場やCM歴史など|大正製薬 リポビタンD

LITTLE FINGER see: Gestures (sidebar) (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p. 148)

LITTLE SONG see: kouta (little song)

LIVE SASHIMI see: ikizukuri

LIVING HUMAN DEITY see: ikigami (living human deity)

LIZARD'S TAIL (PLANT) see: dokudami (The Anime Companion 2 p.16)

LOAN WORDS see: gairaigo (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.33)

LOBE-LEAF SEAWEED see: wakame (The Anime Companion 2 p.112)

LOIN CLOTH see: fundoshi (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.30)

LOLICON see: rorikon (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.107)

LOLITA COMPLEX see: rorikon (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.107)

LONG NECKED WOMAN see: rokurokubi

LONG SLEEVES see: furisode

LORD see: daimyō (The Anime Companion 2 p.15)

Lotte Co, Ltd ロッテ (The Anime Companion 2 p.54)
Japan: An Illustrated Encyclopedia p.902
Tokyo City Atlas [2nd ed.] - Lotte (H.O.) 26 A6

LOTUS see hasu (lotus)

LOTUS ROOT see: renkon (The Anime Companion 2 p.73)

LOTUS SECT see: Nichirenshū (Nichiren sect)

LOTUS SŪTRA see: Myōhōrengekyō (Lotus Sūtra)

LOVE DOLL see: dachi waifu (Dutch wife)

LOVE HOTELS see: rabu hoteru (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.105)

LOVERS' SUICIDE see: shinjū (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.119)

LOW TABLE see: chabudai (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.17)

LOWER-GRADE SAMURAI RANK see: dōshin (lower-grade samurai rank)

LOYAL RETAINERS OF AKŌ see: Akō Jiken (Akō incident)

LOYALISTS see: shishi (The Anime Companion 2 p.86)

LUCKY MAN see: Fukusuke (man of good fortune)

LUCKY RAKE FAIR see: tori no ichi (The Anime Companion 2 p.106)

LUNCH BOX see: bentō bako (bentō box)

LUTE see: biwa (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.11)

LUTE PRIEST see: biwa hōshi (The Anime Companion [vol.1] p.11)

LUTE, ROUND see: gekkin (The Anime Companion 2 p.22)

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Special Supplement: Rurouni Kenshin OVAs

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