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This series of pages is a supplement to two of my books The Anime Companion and The Anime Companion 2.

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See the regular entry pages for cross references between variant terms, differing spellings, English to Japanese terms and names:
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Special Supplement: Rurouni Kenshin OVAs

Each Supplement page consists of:
1. A list of entries in the books with page numbers.
2. New entries for items not found in the books.
3. Japanese characters for entries
4. Secondary sources used to find information for each entry.
5. Additional information for some entries.
6. Links to select Internet resources related to the entries.
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NOTE: Be aware that several words in this supplement may be offensive if improperly used when speaking to Japanese. It is best to stay with a neutral vocabulary rather than try to be cool and end up making someone angry. Words you are not fully familiar with should not be used with disregard of their register labels, 'feel', connotations, stylistic nuances, etc. The Japanese tend to be very forgiving of foreigners, however do try to not lower their opinion of us.

Other pages include:

Japan Research - Secondary Sources: A bibliography of resources I use to find information.
Anime Companion Source Version Comparisons. For information on variant releases of the same title.
For general information on the anime and manga cited here see: the Anime News Network Encyclopedia.

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