Anime Companion Source Version Comparisons

This page is devoted to comparing the page number differences between older and newer editions of manga and episode number problems for anime cited in The Anime Companion and The Anime Companion 2 and the Supplement.

Manga tends to be the most problematic as some titles have been reissued in newer editions, often combining several volumes into one or adding pagination where the original lacked any page numbers.

In almost all cases I am using the first edition of a manga. For this reason I began including chapter numbers in the manga citations in the Anime Companion Supplement starting in late June 2008, in time I plan to update the manga references in the earlier entries. The chapter numbers will assist the reader to locate the cited page in the newer editions.

If you are aware of a work with variant editions I cite that is not listed here let me know and I will include it.

Anime Titles:

Maison Ikkoku

Ranma 1/2 - Note I have only used the first three seasons of the Ranma 1/2 in my writing.

Manga Titles:

Maison Ikkoku

Ranma 1/2 - I have checked some random volumes and the older and '2ed' editions of the Ranma manga appear to have the same pagination. If you find this to not be the case please contact me.

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Created: August 22, 2005

Updated: June 24, 2008