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This series of pages is a supplement to two of my books The Anime Companion and The Anime Companion 2.

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Special Supplement: Rurouni Kenshin OVAs

Each Supplement page consists of:
1. A list of entries in the books with page numbers.
2. New entries for items not found in the books.
3. Japanese characters for entries
4. Secondary sources used to find information for each entry.
5. Additional information for some entries.
6. Links to select Internet resources related to the entries.

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This page is a supplement to my book The Anime Companion volume 1, for information on ordering the book see the web pages for Stone Bridge Press.

For full bibliographic information on these books see my Japan Research - Secondary Sources page.

Addiss, Stephen
Japanese Ghosts & Demons

Arai, Yūsei
Shingon Esoteric Buddhism: A Handbook for Followers

[Basic Terms of Shintō]

Bisignani, J. D.
Japan Handbook

Blacker, Carmen.
The Catalpa Bow : a study of shamanistic practices in Japan

Bocking, Brian
A Popular Dictionary of Shintō

Bornoff, Nicholas
Pink Samurai: Love, Marriage, and Sex in Contemporary Japan

Bornoff, Nicholas and Michael Freeman
Things Japanese

Carroll, John
Trails of Two Cities

Condon, Jack and Camy Condon
The Simple Pleasures of Japan

Condon, John and Keisuke Kurata
In Search of What's Japanese About Japan

De Mente, Boye Lafayette
Bachelor's Japan

De Mente, Boye Lafayette
Behind the Japanese Bow

De Mente, Boye Lafayette
Etiquette Guide to Japan: Know the Rules That Make the Difference

Discover Japan
(Previously published as A Hundred Things Japanese and A Hundred More Things Japanese)

Draeger, Donn F.
Classical Budo

Draeger, Donn F.
Classical Bujutsu

Earhart, H. Byron.
A Religious Study of the Mount Haguro Sect of Shugendo; an example of Japanese mountain religion

Eating in Japan
Japan Travel Bureau

Enbutsu Sumiko
Old Tōkyō: Walks in the City of the Shōgun

Festivals of Japan
Japan Travel Bureau

Frederic, Louis
Dictionary of the Martial Arts

Gluck, Jay, Sumi Gluck and Garet Gluck
Japan Inside Out

Hosking, Richard
A Dictionary of Japanese Food : ingredients & culture

Huddleston, Daniel
"Kenji Miyazawa"
vol. 6 #1 pages 8-9, 26-29

"Idol Chatter"
Animerica vol. 5 #2 pages 8-9

Inagaki, Hisao
A Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist Terms : based on references in Japanese literature

International Congress for the History of Religions. 9th, Tōkyō, etc.,
1958 Shintō Committee.
Basic Terms of Shintō

Japan: An Illustrated Encyclopedia / Kodansha.

Japanese Etiquette

Japanese Family and Culture
Japan Travel Bureau

Japanese Inn & Travel
Japan Travel Bureau

Joya, Mock
Japanese Customs and Manners

Joya, Mock
Mock Joya's Things Japanese

KEK Kokusai Koryūkai.
Taiken Shiyō: Nihon no Bunka
Experiencing Japanese Culture: An Activity and Q-A Approach

Living in Japan
American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Living Japanese Style
Japan Travel Bureau

A Look Into Japan
Japan Travel Bureau

A Look Into Tokyo
Japan Travel Bureau

Martial Arts & Sports in Japan
Japan Travel Bureau

Morse, Edward S.
Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings
New York : Dover Publications 1961

Must-See in Kyōto
Japan Travel Bureau

Must-See in Nikko
Japan Travel Bureau

Oshiguchi Takashi
"On Idols and Anime"
Animerica vol. 5 #2 page 61

Outlook on Japan
Japan Travel Bureau

Palter, D. C.
"Tonic Eiyo Drinks"
Mangajin: Japanese Pop Culture & Language Learning
No 21 October 1992 pp.12-17

Parker, L. Craig
The Japanese Police System Today

Pictorial Encyclopedia of Japanese Life and Events

Piggott, Juliet
Japanese Mythology

Richie, Donald.
A Taste of Japan : food fact and fable : what the people eat : customs and etiquette

Rohlen, Thomas P.
Japan's High Schools

"Salaryman" in Japan
Japan Travel Bureau

Saphir, Ann
"Ketsueki-gata: Japan's Answer to 'What's Your Sign?'"
Mangajin: Japanese Pop Culture and Language Learning
No 41 December 1994 pp.14-19, 50, 87.

Sato, Ikuya.
Kamikaze biker : parody and anomy in affluent Japan

Schodt, Frederik
America and the Four Japans

Schodt, Frederik
Dreamland Japan

Schodt, Frederik
Inside the Robot Kingdom

Schodt, Frederik
Manga! Manga!

Schuhmacher, Stephan, Gert Woerner editors,
The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion : Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Zen

Silverman, Laura K., ed.
Bringing Home the Sushi

Swallow, Jim
"Lin Minmei"
Anime UK New series
volume 1, number 3 (New Series Issue 3) May 1995 page 13

Today's Japan
Japan Travel Bureau

Tuttle, Charles E.
Incredible Japan

Vardaman, James M. and Michiko Sakaki Vardaman
Japanese Etiquette Today

Vardaman, James M. and Michiko Sakaki Vardaman
Japan From A to Z

Waterhouse, David
"Notes on the kuji"
In: Religion in Japan, ed by F. Kornicki and I. J. McMullen
p. 1- 38
Cambridge U Press 1996

Who's Who of Japan
Japan Travel Bureau

Young Women's Christian Associations. Tōkyō. World Fellowship Committee.
Japanese Etiquette : an introduction

Yumoto, John M.
The Samurai Sword: A Handbook

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