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Tokyo Stroll Supplement: Down the Sumidagawa With iPad and Camera, a walk along the two banks of Tokyo's famous river

Sumidagawa River

This page is designed as a guide for strolling down the Sumidagawa River in Tokyo with information on locations in easy walking distance of the banks. The table below starts at the Suijin Ōhashi bridge and goes south, downstream, to past the Kachidokibashi bridge just before the Port of Tokyo. Items listed in the left and right columns are in rough order of when they occur as you stroll from north to south and away from the banks.

Why such a guide? The Sumidagawa is a major part of the history of Tokyo to even before it was called Edo. Both banks are lined with a large variety of locations of possible interest to those exploring the city. In the Edo Period this region was the low city, the commoner part of the city, with a population consisting of workers, merchants, and craftspeople. Today the neighborhoods along the river are still rich with traditional crafts, shops, temples and shrines.

You can access both banks using the various bridges for crossings, zig-zagging along the way, and covering a large amount of territory in a few days depending on your pace. Be aware that if you are like me and get easily distracted by what you find interesting those few days could easily become closer to a week of enjoyable strolling. I actually did the full stroll in segments over several trips to Tokyo.

Bookmarks for Organic Maps, Maps.Me or Google Maps listing all the locations in this chart are all available from my Viewing Locations in Organic Maps, Maps.Me, Google Maps, or Google Earth page with instructions for importing the bookmarks. Having maps at hand on a tablet or smartphone with the bookmarks is extremely useful for using this chart.

I do list here where locations are described in Tokyo Stroll. You do not need to purchase my book Tokyo Stroll to put this web page to use. If you want to know more about specific locations the book may be useful. Items in the web supplement to Tokyo Stroll are links.

This page was originally created in 2009 with a handful of sites on either side of the river based on what I could glean from the Bilingual Atlas of Tokyo published by Tokyo Chizu Publishing. Later I added a few other locations but pretty much left it simple. With the publication of Tokyo Stroll I decided to add the items in that work as well as in the web supplement of the book. The result is a much larger document that can still be a guide to what is near the river. I hope it will be useful for some explorers of the city.
After all these years this is still very much a work in progress, I shall occasionally keep adding to the page so expect to find more here over time.

The bridges on the river
- West of the river - SUIJIN ŌHASHI - East of the river -
Jōkanji 浄閑寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 472] Tamonji 多聞寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 304]
Shirahige Higashi Apartments 白鬚東アパート [Tokyo Stroll pg. 303]
Higashi Shirahige Park / Higashi Shirahige Kōen 東白鬚公園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 303]
Mokuboji 木母寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 303]
Sumidagawa Jinja 隅田川神社 [Tokyo StStroll pg. 303]
- West of the river - SHIRAHIGEBASHI - East of the river -
Ashita No Joe Statue あしたのジョー像 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 465]
Nakae 中江 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 466]
Dote no Iseya 土手の伊勢屋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 466]
Mikaeri Yanagi 見返り柳
Kastori Bookstore カストリ書房
Ichiyō Memorial Museum / Ichiyō Kinenkan 一葉記念館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 466-7]
Yoshiwara 吉原 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 464]
Yoshiwara Jinja 吉原神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 464]
Ōtori Jinja 鷲神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 464]
Yoshiwara Benten 吉原弁財天 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 462]
Imado Jinja 今戸神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 470]
Sanyabori Park / Sanyabori Kōen 山谷堀公園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 470]
Kissa Akane 喫茶あかね [Tokyo Stroll pg. 472]
Matsuchiyama Shōden 待乳山聖天 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 472]
Asakusa Fuji Asama Jinja 浅草富士浅間神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 467]
Edo Kiriko Asakusa Ojima 江戸切子浅草おじま [Tokyo Stroll pg. 467]
Hōsenji 法泉寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 302]
Shirahige Jinja 白鬚神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 302]
Mukōjima Hyakkaen 向島百花園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 301]
Tōbu Museum / Tōbu Hakubutsukan 東武博物館
Jiman Kusamochi 志 ゙満ん草餅 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 300]
- West of the river - SAKURABASHI - East of the river -
Koguma こぐま [Tokyo Stroll pg. 300]
Hatonomachi Market Street / Hatonomachi Dōri Shōtengai 鳩の街通り商店街 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 300]
Mukōjima kagai, aka Mukōjima hanamachi 向島花街 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 295]
Kototoi Dango 言問団子 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 295]
Chōmeiji Sakuramochi 長命寺桜もち [Tokyo Stroll pg. 295]
Chōmeiji 長命寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 293]
Kōfukuji 弘福寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 293]
Kado カド [Tokyo Stroll pg. 293]
Aoyagi Seike 青柳正家 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 293]
Mimeguri Jinja 三囲神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 291]
Entsūji 圓通寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 291]
Sumida Heritage Museum / Sumida Kyōdo Bunka Shiryōkan すみだ郷土文化資料館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 291]
- West of the river - KOTOTOIBASHI - East of the river -
Amezaiku Ameshin Asakusa main workshop / Amezaiku Ameshin Asakusa honten kōbō 飴細工 アメシン浅草本店工房 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 88]
Hanakawado Park/ Hanakawado Kōen 花川戸公園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 88]
Kaminari Issa 雷一茶 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 88]
Nitenmon 二天門 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 87]
Asakusa Jinja 浅草神社 also called Sanja Sama, Shrine of the Three Guardians [Tokyo Stroll pg. 88]
Hikan Inari Jinja 被官稲荷神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 89]
Sensōji 浅草寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 86]
Hōzōmon 宝蔵門 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 85]
Ichikawa Danjūrō IX “Shibaraku” bronze statue 九代目市川團十郎「暫」銅像 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 98]
Rokkakudō 六角堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 91]
Awashimadō 淡島堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 91]
Asakusa Hanayashiki 浅草花やしき [Tokyo Stroll pg. 98]
Asakusa Kagetsudō 浅草 花月堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 91]
Asakusa Mokubakan 浅草木馬館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 91]
Wasendō 和泉洞 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 89]
Hoppī Dōri ホッピー通り [Tokyo Stroll pg. 89]
Edo Taitō Traditional Crafts Museum / Edo Taitō Dentō Kōgei Kan 江戸下町伝統工芸館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 98]
Adachiya あだちや [Tokyo Stroll pg. 99]
Asakusa Imahan 浅草今半 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 110]
Dojō Iidaya どぜう飯田屋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 109]
Kama-asa 釜浅 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 109]
Fukuzendō Sakai Kanbanten 福善堂坂井看板店 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 109]
Kappadera かっぱ寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 108]
Fujiya ふじ屋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 83]
Hyakusuke 百助 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 84]
Nakaya 中屋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 85]
Bentendō 弁天堂 and Bentenyama 弁天山 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 85]
Kimuraya Honten 木村家人本店 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 84]
Sukeroku 助六 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 84]
Asakusa Chōchin Monaka 浅草ちょうちんもなか [Tokyo Stroll pg. 83]
Tsujiya 辻屋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 82]
Isekan いせ勘 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 81]
Umezono 梅園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 81]
Sanbidō 三美堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 82]
Toyofuku 豊福 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 81]
Asakusa Menchi 浅草メンチ [Tokyo Stroll pg. 82]
Yonoya Kushiho よのや櫛舗 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 82]
Denpōin 伝法院 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 84]
Asakusa Public Hall / Asakusa Kōkaidō 浅草公会堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 82]
Asakusa Morigin 浅草もり銀 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 80]
Tempura Nakasei 天麩羅 中清 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 102]
Chingodō 鎮護堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 102]
Mokuhankan 木版館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 103]
Mizuguchi Shokudō 水口食堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 104]
Rokku 六区 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 104]
Asakusa Engei Hall 浅草演芸ホール [Tokyo Stroll pg. 104]
Sumida Park / Sumida Kōen 隅田公園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 291]
Ushijima Jinja 牛嶋神社 [Tokyo Stroll Pg. 290]
- West of the river - TŌBU ISESAKI LINE RAIL ROAD BRIDGE - East of the river -
Water Bus / Suijō Basu 水上バス [Tokyo Stroll pg. 101]
Sumida Park / Sumida Kōen 隅田公園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 101]
Asakusa Underground Shopping Street / Asakusa Chika Shōtengai 浅草地下商店街 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 101]
EKIMISE エキミセ [Tokyo Stroll pg. 102]
Amisei あみ清 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 99]
Kamiya Bar 神谷バー [Tokyo Stroll pg. 99]
Kanmidokoro Nishiyama 甘味処 西山 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 99]
Funawa 舟和 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 73]
Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center 浅草文化観光センター [Tokyo Stroll pg. 73]
Kurodaya 黒田屋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 77]
Kaminarimon 雷門 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 77]
Nakamise Shōtengai 仲見世商店街 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 79]
Tokiwadō Kaminari Okoshi Honpo 常盤堂雷おこし本舗 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 77]
Chin-ya ちんや [Tokyo Stroll pg. 76]
Bairindō 梅林堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 78]
Sake no Daimasu Kaminarimon Branch 酒の大桝 雷門店 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 78]
Umaimon Azuma うまいもん あづま [Tokyo Stroll pg. 80]
Arai Bunsendō aka Bunsendō 荒井文扇堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 78]
Kikuya 喜久屋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 79]
Obigen 帯源 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 79]
Yagenbori Nakajima Shōten やげん堀 中島商店 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 80]
Some no Anbō 染の安坊 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 78]
Yagenbori Nakajima Shōten やげん堀 中島商店 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 106]
Tanuki Dōri たぬき通り [Tokyo Stroll pg. 106]
Kamameshi Haru 釜めし 春 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 105]
Bujitomi Inari Jinja 無事富稲荷神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 105]
Sushihatsu 寿司初 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 104]
HUB Asakusa shop / HUB Asakusa Ten / HUB 浅草店 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 105]
Drum Museum / Taikokan 太皷館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 108]
Honzan Higashi Honganji 本山東本願寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 106]
Kamata Hakensha かまた刃研社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 108]
Kappabashi Street / Kappabashi Dōgugai かっぱ橋道具街 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 106]
Butsudan Dōri 仏壇通り [Tokyo Stroll pg. 106]
Sumida River Walk and Tokyo Mizumachi すみだリバーウォーク & 東京ミズマチ
Sumida Ward Office / Sumida Ku Yakusho 墨田区役所 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 289]
Asahi Group Head Office Building アサヒグループ本社ビル [Tokyo Stroll pg. 289]
Tokyo Sky Tree 東京スカイツリー [Tokyo Stroll pg. 305]
Kataoka Byōbu 片岡屏風店 and the Museum of Byōbu / Byōbu Hakubutsukan 屏風博物館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 305]
Narihirabashi Information Center 業平橋観光案内所 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 307]
Ōyokogawa Shinsui Park / Ōyokogawa Shinsui Kōen 大横川親水公園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 307]
Tobacco and Salt Museum / Tabako to Shio no Hakubutsukan たばこと塩の博物館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 307]
- West of the river - AZUMABASHI - East of the river -
Namiki Yabusoba 並木藪蕎麦
Ebiya 海老屋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 289]
- West of the river - KOMAGATABASHI - East of the river -
Komakatadō 駒形堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 113]
Maekawa 前川 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 113]
World Bags and Luggage Museum / Sekai no Kaban Hakubutsukan 世界のカバン博物館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 113]
Komakata Dozeu 駒形どぜう [Tokyo Stroll pg. 112]
Ōshimaya Onda 大嶋屋恩田 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 111]
Bandai head office building バンダイ本社ビル [Tokyo Stroll pg. 110]
Sōshū 宗舟 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 113]
Yayoiken Asakusa Tawaramachi やよい軒 浅草田原町店
Seikyōji 誓教寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 114]
Tosaku 東作本店
Shitaya Jinja 下谷神社
- West of the river - UMAYABASHI - East of the river -
Tortoiseshell Crafts Museum / Bekkō Museum べっ甲資料館
- West of the river - KURAMAEBASHI - East of the river -
Jinnai Jinja 甚内神社
Yokoamichō Park / Yokoamichō Kōen 横網町公園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 341]
Japanese Sword Museum / Tōken Hakubutsukan 刀剣博物館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 340]
Former Yasuda Gardens / Kyū Yasuda Teien 旧安田庭園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 340]
Ryōgoku Sumō Hall / Ryōgoku Kokugikan 両国国技館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 335]
Sumō Museum / Sumō Hakubutsukan 相撲博物館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 334]
Edo-Tokyo Museum / Edo Tokyo Hakubutsukan 江戸東京博物館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 340]
Sumida Hokusai Museum / Sumida Hokusai Bijutsukan すみだ北斎美術館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 341]
Nomi no Sukune Jinja 野見宿禰神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 341]
- West of the river - SOBU LINE RAIL ROAD BRIDGE - East of the river -
Komatsuya 小松屋
Chanko Kawasaki ちゃんこ川崎 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 334]
- West of the river - RYOGOKUBASHI - East of the river -
Toriyasu 鳥安
Yagenbori Fudōin 薬研堀不動院
Ryōgokubashi 両国橋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 328]
Momonjiya ももんじや [Tokyo Stroll pg. 329]
Ryōgoku Fireworks Museum / Ryōgoku Hanabi Shiryōkan 両国花火資料館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 329]
Ekōin 回向院 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 329]
Honjo Matsuzakachō Park [Kira Residence Remains] / Honjo Matsuzakachō Kōen [Kira Tei Ato] 本所松坂町公園 [吉良邸跡] [Tokyo Stroll pg. 332]
Memorial to the Birthplace of Katsu Kaishū / Katsu Kaishū Seitanchihi 勝海舟生誕の地 記念碑 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 333]
Lion-dō ライオン堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 334]
- West of the river - EXPRESSWAY ROUTE #7 OVERPASS - East of the river -
Hamachō Park / Hamachō Kōen 浜町公園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 286]
Meiji Kannondō 明治観音堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 285]
Meijiza 明治座 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 285]
Kasama Inari Jinja 笠間稲荷神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 285]
Suehiro Jinja 末廣神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 270]
Kizushi 喜寿司 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 270]
Hamadaya 濱田家 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 270]
Tachibana Inari 橘稲荷神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 270]
Ubukeyaうぶけや [Tokyo Stroll pg. 270]
Sasaki Saketen 佐々木酒店 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 281]
Torihada鳥波多 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 281]
Amazake Yokochō 甘酒横丁 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 280]
Ningyōchō Shinodazushi 人形町志乃多寿司總本店 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 281]
Toritada鳥忠 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 281]
Yanagiya 柳屋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 280]
Iwai Tsuzuraya 岩井つづら屋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 280]
Ningyōchō Imahan 人形町今半 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 282]
Soba Tōshimaya そば東嶋屋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 280]
Tōfu no Futaba とうふの双葉 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 280]
Morinoen 森乃園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 275]
Itakuraya 板倉屋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 273]
Gyokueidō 玉英堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 274]
Hiyama 日山 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 282]
Yoshiume よし梅 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 282]
Kogiku Dōri 小菊通り [Tokyo Stroll pg. 283]
Ōkannonji 大観音寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 282]
Ningyōchō Karakuri Yagura 人形町からくり櫓 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 273]
Kaneman かねまん [Tokyo Stroll pg. 272]
Kissako Kaiseiken 喫茶去 快生軒 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 273]
Tamahide 玉ひで [Tokyo Stroll pg. 272]
Koharuken 小春軒 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 272]
Matsushima Jinja 松島神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 284]
Tsukushi つくし [Tokyo Stroll pg. 283]
Kotobukidō 壽堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 283]
Kanmidokoro Hatsune 甘味処 初音 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 283]
Chanoki Jinja 茶ノ木神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 283]
Tenoto 天音
Koami Jinja 小網神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 271]
- West of the river - SHIN-OHASHI
[Tokyo Stroll pg. 129]
- East of the river -
Suitengū 水天宮 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 284]
Cattlea カトレア [Tokyo Stroll pg. 129]
Fukagawa Shinmeigū 深川神明宮 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 129]
Bashō Museum / Bashō Kinenkan 芭蕉記念館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 129]
Bashō Inari Jinja 芭蕉稲荷神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 128]
Bashō Heritage Garden / Bashōan Shiseki Tenbō Teien 芭蕉庵史跡展望庭園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 128]
Mannenbashi 萬年橋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 128]
Fukagawa Inari Jinja 深川稲荷神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 128]
Kiyosubashi 清洲橋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 126]
- West of the river - KIYOSUBASHI - East of the river -
Musée Hamaguchi Yōzō: Yamasa Collection ミュゼ浜口陽三・ヤマサコレクション
Kiyosumi Garden / Kiyosumi Teien 清澄庭園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 124]
Reiganji 霊巌寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 126]
Fukagawa Edo Museum / Fukagawa Edo Shiryōkan 深川江戸資料館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 125]
Fukagawajuku 深川宿 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 124]
Enjuin 円珠院 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 121]
- West of the river - SUMIDAGAWA-OHASHI - East of the river -
Shingyōji 心行寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 121]
Hōjōin 法乗院 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 121]
Fuyuki Bentendō 冬木弁天堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 121]
Naritasan Fukagawa Fudōdō 成田山 深川不動堂 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 120]
Eitaiji 永代寺 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 120]
Tomioka Hachimangū 富岡八幡宮 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 119]
Hachimanbashi 八幡橋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 119]
Former Fukagawa red light district 深川岡場所・花街跡 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 116]
- West of the river - EITAIBASHI
[Tokyo Stroll pg. 126]
- East of the river -
- West of the river - CHUO-OHASHI - East of the river -
- West of the river - TSUKUDA-OHASHI - East of the river -
Akatsuki Park あかつき公園
St Luke's Garden
Tsukiji Honganji 築地本願寺
Sui Jinja 水神社
- West of the river - KACHIDOKIBASHI - East of the river -
Kachidokibashi 勝鬨橋 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 397]
Kachidoki Bridge Museum / Kachidokibashi no Shiryōkan 勝鬨橋の資料館 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 398]
Namiyoke Inari Jinja 波除稲荷神社 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 398]
Tsukiji Outer Market / Tsukiji Jōgai Ichiba 築地場外市場 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 399]
Asahi Shimbun Head Office 朝日新聞 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 399]
Hamarikyū Gardens / Hamarikyū Onshi Teien 浜離宮恩賜庭園 [Tokyo Stroll pg. 399]

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