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Tokyo Stroll Supplement: Ryōgoku

Kabuki Theater in the Edo Tokyo Museum

This page indexes, contains corrections and has additions to the Ryōgoku chapter of Tokyo Stroll.

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Chanko Kawasaki: Tokyo Stroll page 334

Edo-Tokyo Museum / Edo Tokyo Hakubutsukan: Tokyo Stroll page 340
ALERT: The Edo-Tokyo Museum is closed for major renovations through fiscal 2025

Ekōin: Tokyo Stroll page 329

Former Yasuda Gardens / Kyū Yasuda Teien: Tokyo Stroll page 340

Honjo Matsuzakachō Park [Kira Residence Remains] / Honjo Matsuzakachō Kōen [Kira Tei Ato]: Tokyo Stroll page 332

Japanese Sword Museum / Tōken Hakubutsukan: Tokyo Stroll page 340

Lion-dō: Tokyo Stroll page 334

Memorial to the Birthplace of Katsu Kaishū / Katsu Kaishū Seitanchihi: Tokyo Stroll page 333

Momonjiya: Tokyo Stroll page 329

Nomi no Sukune Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 341

Ryōgoku Fireworks Museum / Ryōgoku Hanabi Shiryōkan: Tokyo Stroll page 329

Ryōgoku Sumō Hall / Ryōgoku Kokugikan: Tokyo Stroll page 335

Ryōgokubashi: Tokyo Stroll page 328

Sumida Hokusai Museum / Sumida Hokusai Bijutsukan: Tokyo Stroll page 341

Sumō Museum / Sumō Hakubutsukan: Tokyo Stroll page 334

Tortoiseshell Crafts Museum / Bekkō Museum (べっ甲資料館)
[Immediately North of the area in the Ryōgoku Detail 2 map]

A very small museum devoted to Japanese tortoiseshell items and the tools used to make them from the Edo Period to the present. Combs, hairpins, and more on display. Located in the store of a traditional craftsman who works with tortoise shell, the family has been making these items for three generations since 1945.
NOTE: Most countries ban the importation of tortoise shell items. Know the law for your local before you buy any items. Japanese craftsmen usually use old shells which were obtained before the bans went into effect.

Yokoamichō Park / Yokoamichō Kōen: Tokyo Stroll page 341

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