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Tokyo Stroll Supplement: Viewing Locations in Maps.Me, Google Maps, or Google Earth

MapsMe sample

This page explains using Maps.Me, Google maps and Google Earth in conjunction with my book Tokyo Stroll. The maps and bookmarks discussed can be used without the book.

About the book.

Tokyo Stroll is a guide to twenty two neighborhoods in Tokyo. I describe locations in each neighborhood that may be of interest and let you wander as you want. It comes with maps which are detailed to the point that you will know how many buildings from a corner a location is, I hate having to try to figure out where I am from vague directions. The book is for those who simply wish to wander about and look at what is there.

About Maps.Me.

I figure Google Maps and Google Earth are so well known they don't need an explanation. I also realize many people will prefer to not download a new map app. However please read the following description of Maps.Me, you may want to at least try it out.

Maps.Me is a free app, the maps are also free, that does not required a data connection, you navigate with just GPS. If you are using Maps.Me on a device that does not have GPS you still have very detailed maps to use.

Not requiring a data connection has advantages:

  • No extra data fees while traveling to other countries.
  • A data connection may not exist if you are in a place outside urban areas.

You can download Maps.Me onto your smartphone or tablet. For the purpose of this page once you are in the Maps.Me app you should download the Kantō Region maps which include Tokyo.

The location bookmarks to use with Maps.Me, Google Maps, and Google Earth:

I have created bookmark lists of sites in Tokyo Stroll and this supplement to use with the Maps.Me app, Google Maps or Google Earth. You don't need to own the book to use the bookmarks but it does explain what each item in the TokyoStroll.kmz bookmark file is.

  1. Clicking on a link below will download the bookmarks file.
  2. Only Maps.Me will display the different colors. Google Maps and Google Earth will only display one color.
  3. It is much easier to import the bookmark files into Maps.Me than into Google Mas or Google Earth.

TokyoStroll.kmz (TokyoStroll.kmz) These indicate items with entries in Tokyo Stroll and show up as Green in Maps.Me. In a few cases these may be a branch of business that is described on a different detail map.

TokyoSuppl.kmz These are items listed in this Tokyo Stroll web supplement as well as some branch locations of businesses on different detail maps in the book and show up as Red in Maps.Me.

TokyoHandy.kmz (TokyoHandy.kmz) These are useful locations such as kōban, public restrooms, rail and subway stations, landmarks, etc.and show up as Purple in Maps.Me

Using the Bookmarks in Maps.Me

Using the Bookmarks in Google Maps and Google Earth

Bookmark and List Updates:

The bookmarks will be updated on occasion, these will be announced on my blog.

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Created July 10, 2019 | Content last updated August 3, 2022