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Tokyo Stroll Supplement: Yoshiwara and Sanya

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This page indexes, contains corrections and has additions to the Yoshiwara and Sanya chapter of Tokyo Stroll.

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Asakusa Fuji Asama Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 467

Ashita No Joe Statue: Tokyo Stroll page 465

Dote no Iseya: Tokyo Stroll page 466

Edo Kiriko Asakusa Ojima: Tokyo Stroll page 467

Ichiyō Memorial Museum / Ichiyō Kinenkan: Tokyo Stroll page 466

Imado Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 470

Jōkanji: Tokyo Stroll page 472

Kastori Bookstore (カストリ書房)
[Two blocks west of the area in the Yoshiwara Detail 2 map]

An interesting very small bookstore/publisher devoted to the study of red light districts. Appropriately it is located in what used to be the Shin-Yoshiwara district which operated as a licensed brothel district until prostitution was outlawed in 1958. The publisher grew out of a hobby of documenting the former prostitution districts in Japan, photographing old buildings were demolished, interviewing people who worked in the districts, and collection books on the topic. They publish original works, reprint significant out of print titles, sell books by other publishers, and handle used books. The location is near to the east side of the district, and not far from the main road. For those who may be nervous about going to this neighborhood the store is some blocks east of the soapland district and is in a very safe mainly residential area with many elderly residents.
The owner does not speak much English but will be as helpful as he can be.

Kissa Akane: Tokyo Stroll page 472

Matsuchiyama Shōden: Tokyo Stroll page 472
ADDENDUM: The hill the temple is on is actually a kofun.

Mikaeri Yanagi (見返り柳)
[One block south of the area in the Yoshiwara Detail 2 map]

Located at the corner of an intersection next to a gas station is a small willow tree with a stone marker and modern descriptive sign in Japanese and English. The Mikaeri Yanagi, usually referred to as the Looking Back Willow, is one of the old landmarks of the former Yoshiwara district and is often seen in woodblock prints of the area. This tree was next to the only gate into the walled district. The original willow was slightly north of the present one, likely in what is now the middle of a road.

Nakae: Tokyo Stroll page 466

Ōtori Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 464

Sanyabori Park / Sanyabori Kōen: Tokyo Stroll page 470

Yoshiwara: Tokyo Stroll page 464

Yoshiwara Benten: Tokyo Stroll page 462

Yoshiwara Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 464

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