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Tokyo Stroll Supplement: Shibuya Station Area

Shibuya Staion Mural

This page indexes, contains corrections and has additions to the Shibuya Station Area chapter of Tokyo Stroll.

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Aldgate, The: Tokyo Stroll page 368

Aoyama Technical College / Aoyama Seizu Semmon Gakkō Inchigōkan (青山製図専門学校)
[South of the area in the Shibuya Station Area Detail 1 map]

Designed by Makoto Sei Watanabe, his first work, and completed in 1990 for the Aoyama Technical College which trains architects and interior designers. This building has been described variously as "a cross between an insect and a motorcycle," "combat robot from science fiction," and a "bizarre apparition" among others. Unusual as the building is each part has a purpose such as the globular water tank on top and the twin red lightning rods. As with most schools the interior closed to the public so enjoy the exterior.
This one is a bit of a walk to get to as it is uphill. This building is mainly included for those interested in very unusual architecture.
NOTE: As this is private property is it best to enjoy the building fron the outside and entryway. WEB:

Center Gai: Tokyo Stroll page 359

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Love Letter Alley Site / Koibumi Yokochō Ato: Tokyo Stroll page 366

Mandarake: Tokyo Stroll page 369

MEGA Donki: Tokyo Stroll page 368

Memorial of the 2.26 Incident / Ni Ni Roku Jiken Ireihi (二・二六事件 慰霊碑)
[North of the area in the Shibuya Station Area Detail 3 map and just south of the NHK Studio Park]

In February 26, 1936 a group of junior officers and about 1,000 troops took part in a coup attempt. They killed several government officials, took command of a portion of the area near the Imperial Palace. On orders from the Emperor, who usually left business to the government, the rebellion was suppressed. The court martial that followed sentenced many of the leaders to death. At that time there was a military prison in Shibuya and in the summer of 1937 nineteen rebels were executed there. This statue of Kannon on a tall black stone base is the spot where the executions took place. This should not be seen as a monument glorifying their deeds, rather Japan has a long-established tradition of memorials intended to pacify angry spirits least they cause harm to the living. Urban legend has it that spirits of the soldiers are sometimes seen at the nearby NHK offices.

Miyamasu Mitake Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 358

Moyai Statue / Moyaizō: Tokyo Stroll page 356

Myth of Tomorrow / Asu no Shinwa: Tokyo Stroll page 369
ADDENDUM: Starting on October 10, 2023 the mural will undergo restoration work which shall take several years.

Shibuya Sky: Tokyo Stroll page 356

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Spain Slope / Spainzaka: Tokyo Stroll page 369

Tansuya Aoyamaten (たんす屋 青山店)

Tansuya (たんす屋) is a famous chain selling new and used kimono and yukata. They describe themselves as a kimono recycle store. Frankly looking at the recycled kimono they are in great shape, not surprising as the Japanese tend to take good care of their stuff. There are many shops in Tokyo, I am adding them to these supplement pages the boomarks [NNN] when I have a page for the area they are in.

Tower Records Shibuya: Tokyo Stroll page 359

Udagawa Kōban: Tokyo Stroll page 368

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