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My three books on anime and manga are out of print.
However they are available from many used book dealers.

Gilles' Service to Fans Page

I am a writer on anime, manga and Japanese culture. These pages are my stuff and have nothing to do with anything other than my obsessions and interests.

That said lets start with one of my major obsessions, Japanese popular culture, mostly anime (Japanese animation) and manga (Japanese "comics"), which are in fact the major way non-Japanese are being exposed to Japanese culture these days.

These pages are also intended to be a different kind of fan service to anime and manga fans by providing information not readily found elsewhere.

Author Activities.

Supplements to Printed Works.

Guides to Anime and Manga.

San Francisco Bay Area Resources.

Travel Resources for Japan.

Author Activities.

Koyagidō Kanwa 子山羊堂閑話
My blog where I chit-chat about my activities, thoughts, web updates, general news, other blogs and reflections on whatever catches my fancy.

Supplements to Printed Works:

Tokyo Stroll Supplement
This series of supplemental pages for my forthcoming book Tokyo Stroll. The pandemic has forced us to push the release date back as this is not a good time to release travel books.
The Anime Companion Supplement

A web based supplement to my first and third books The Anime Companion. and The Anime Companion 2.

For easy browsing go to the: Topical / Subject Index

These books are not directly about anime and manga, rather they are about specific Japanese culture elements seen in many titles available in English.

NOTE: While the The Anime Companion volumes are out of print they are not hard to find on the second hand market.
I recommend you search on Bookfinder for the best prices.
Don't pay too much as in a few years I hope to have a revised and greatly expanded second edition published.

Article and Essay Supplement.
A supplement to some articles and essays I have written, mainly consisting of sources used and full citations of works mentioned.
Japan Research - Secondary Sources
A bibliography of books I own that I have found useful in understanding Japanese cultural elements in anime, manga and live action entertainment. These are what I use when I add to the Anime Companion supplement.

Guides to Anime and Manga:

Anime (and Manga) for Parents (and Other Grownups)
Parents (and other adults) are wondering what kids are getting into. What adults don't know can be problematic, also what they don't know includes great stuff the kids may not be watching but the adults could find enjoyable.
Librarian's Guide to Anime and Manga
An introduction to anime and manga intended for librarians but hopefully of use to others.
Recommended Anime, Manga, Prose and Live Action Cinema
Originally a supplement to The Librarian's Guide to Anime and Manga and the Teacher's Companion to the Anime Companion. Now a separate section with notes to assist fans, educators, librarians and parents in the choosing of titles.
The Teacher's Companion to the Anime Companion
A small guide on the web written to assist educators in the use of Japanese animation (anime) or comics (manga) in teaching about Japanese culture.

San Francisco Bay Area Resources:

The Shin Anime Shopper's Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area
A new guide to retail stores stocking anime and manga related goods in the SF Bay Area.
San Francisco Bay Area Japanese Culture Web Sites
A guide to Japanese culture related web sites in the SF Bay Area.

Travel Resources for Tokyo:

Tokyo Stroll Supplement
This series of supplemental pages for my book Tokyo Stroll
Vicarious Tokyo: Resources of Enjoying a Fabulous City from a Distance
A page on resources to better understand Tokyo. Aimed at armchair travelers, those unable to visit the city, as well as fans of Japanese movies, anime, TV shows, novels and manga.
Navigating Tokyo: The basics of getting around the city
An elementary guide to the basics of comfortably getting around Tokyo with little fuss. Much of this also applies to other Japanese cities.
Tokyo on the Cheap: The basics of keeping your expenses down
I have found Tokyo a very inexpensive place to visit. These are my tips for reducing your costs.
Anime and Manga Related Shopping:
Tokyo Shopping for Discounted Anime, Manga, and Movie Goods
Guides to shopping in Tokyo miss a great many locations for used and hard to find items. This guide is intended to assist in locating such shops.
Navigating Comic Market
A guide to easily navigating the largest book related event in the world. Comic Market takes place each August and December in Tokyo.
The following travel pages were created for trips I made with friends. Some consist of tables organized by page numbers in easy to use pocket atlases of the cities. Much of what I include is not found in tourism guidebooks so I include references to resources to read for further information.
Staying in a single city for two or three weeks helps keep the pace relaxed, tho' I have found I burned plenty of calories just walking all day. As these guides may be of interest to other folks I am linking to them here.
A Few Travelers, A Few Weeks + Tokyo = ?
A table I set up to help plan trips to Tokyo with friends.
Down the Sumidagawa With iPod and Camera
A plan for doing a long walk, in more than one day, down one of the most famous rivers of Tokyo with items to see that are on each bank. Much of what I have listed in this area are rarely covered in guidebooks.
Tokyo Tour 2007
An index to the account of the trip from 2007. This is in the form of links to my blog postings in the chronological order of the trip.
Three Travelers, Two Weeks in the Kansai region = ?
A table I set up to help plan trips to the Kyoto / Osaka / Nara area with friends. As it may of interest to other folks I am linking it here.

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