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Museums and gardens:

Asian Art Museum Covering all of Asia with a good selection of Japanese art works.
Lake Merritt Japanese Garden Oakland's own Japanese garden. More info on one of the craftsmen can be found at: Hiroshi Sakaguchi's Works at the Lake Merritt Japanese Garden
Strybing Arboretum & Botanical Gardens Includes a Japanese style Garden



General Art, music, theater, books
Anime (Japanese animation) Ikebana
Cal-Japan Club
Center for Japanese Studies (U.C. Berkeley)
Japan Society of Northern California
Japanese American History Archives
Tomodachi U.C. Berkeley Club
Anime (Japanese animation):
Beefbowl Anime
Cal-Animage Alpha. Free showings during the school year.
CA West
Los Altos:
Foothill Anime
Palo Alto:
Stanford New Type
San Francisco:
Anime FX San Francisco State University's anime club
San Jose:
No Name Anime
Tsunami Anime: San Jose State University's anime and manga club
San Mateo:
CSM Japanese Animation Association
Art, music, theater, books:
Pacific Film Archive Often shows Japanese cinema.
San Francisco Taiko Dojo
San Jose Taiko
Stone Bridge Press
Ikebana International SF Bay Area Chapter
Sogetsu San Francisco Bay Area Branch (Ikebana)
Wafu School - California Chapter (Ikebana)

Newspapers and magazines:

NikkeiWest Publishing since 1992 for the English-speaking Japanese American community in Northern California. Most of each issue is available online as PDF files. You need to Download the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader to read these.

Note; TV Guide and the local newspapers do not have accurate listings for non-English broadcasting so check the web pages for accurate information.

KTSF Channel 26
The station for Japanese programing in Northern California.
Check their Saturday and Sunday evening schedules for the Japanese shows.
This page has a more accurate schedule than the pages for the companies below.
Fuji-Com Plaza
Providing a large portion of Japanese TV broadcasting in the Bay Area. Cable not required, these shows are on channel 26. The bulk of their programming is on Saturday night and most of it subtitled, during the week they bring the some of the morning news shows.
TTV - Tokyo TV
The folks who bring you the late Saturday night and Sunday night Channel 26 broadcasts. As well as the subtitled weekday news show News Express FCI and the Japanese only NHK News.



For shopping districts see my Shin Anime Shopper's Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area which while it is focused on anime and manga includes information on major shopping areas for Japanese goods.

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