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Tokyo Stroll Supplement: Shinjuku Station Area

Kabukicho bar sign

This page indexes, contains corrections and has additions to the Shinjuku Station Area chapter of Tokyo Stroll.

For information on Tokyo Stroll and this web supplement see Tokyo Stroll Supplement home page

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Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum / Bunka Gakuen Fukushoku Hakubutsukan: Tokyo Stroll page 374

Disk Union: Shōwa Kayō Kan: Tokyo Stroll page 381

Four Seasons Pathway / Shiki No Michi: Tokyo Stroll page 385

Hanazono Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 390

Horse Trough / Basuisō: Tokyo Stroll page 379

Ichibankan: Tokyo Stroll page 392

Inari Kiō Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 392

Jōenji: Tokyo Stroll page 377

Jōkakuji: Tokyo Stroll page 393

Jūnisō Kumano Jinja: Tokyo Stroll page 376

Kabukichō: Tokyo Stroll page 382

Kabukichō Benzaiten: Tokyo Stroll page 384

Kabukichō Ichibangai: Tokyo Stroll page 384

Kabukichō Kōban: Tokyo Stroll page 391

Kinokuniya Shinjuku: Tokyo Stroll page 379

Korea Museum / Kōrai Hakubutsukan: Tokyo Stroll page 393

Love Hotel district: Tokyo Stroll page 391

Memorial Museum for Soldiers, Detainees in Siberia, and Postwar Repatriates / Heiwa Kinen Tenji Shiryōkan: Tokyo Stroll page 376

MODE GAKUEN Cocoon Tower: Tokyo Stroll page 377

Nakamuraya: Tokyo Stroll page 379

Naruko Tenjin (成子天神社)
[North of the area in the Shinjuku Station Area West Detail 1 map and just past Nishi-Shinjuku Station]

Possibly founded in 903, it is also said that the shrine was established by Yoritomo Minamoto in 1197. This Tenjin (Michizane Sugawara) shrine was relocated to this spot in 1661 and is the guardian shrine of the neighborhood. On the grounds you will see Seven chikaraishi, "strength stones," used in weightlifting contests. The names of some contestants and the weights are inscribed on the stones. On the grounds is a mound that was originally called Tenjinzan, in 1920 it was repurposed as a fujizuka. The entrance to the shrine is some distance away near the Nishi-Shinjuku subway station on the Marunouchi Line and is marked by a large rectangular stone with the shrine name on it.

Nishimuki Tenjinsha: Tokyo Stroll page 396

NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building: Tokyo Stroll page 384

Samurai Museum: Tokyo Stroll page 385

Senpukuji: Tokyo Stroll page 396

Shinjuku Bunmeidō (新宿文明堂)
[East of the area in the Shinjuku Station Area East Detail 8 map]

The main Shinjuku location for pastry shop making and selling Japanese and Western style cakes. The company was established in 1900, this Shinjuku branch dates from 1933. For more on the company see the main entry in the chapter on Nihonbashi North. There are also small Bunmeidō stores in the Shinjuku branches of the Keiō, Takashimaya, Isetan, and Odakyū department stores.

Shinjuku Central Park / Shinjuku Chūō Kōen: Tokyo Stroll page 376

Shinjuku Golden Gai: Tokyo Stroll page 390

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden / Shinjuku Gyoen: Tokyo Stroll page 395

Shinjuku Nichōme: Tokyo Stroll page 395

Shinjuku NS Building: Tokyo Stroll page 374

Shinjuku Omoide Yokochō: Tokyo Stroll page 377

Shinjuku Subnade: Tokyo Stroll page 383

Shinjuku Tōhō Building: Tokyo Stroll page 385

Shinjuku Tourist Information Center: Tokyo Stroll page 381

Shōjuin: Tokyo Stroll page 393

Sompo Museum of Art: Tokyo Stroll page 377

Studio ALTA: Tokyo Stroll page 379

Suehirotei: Tokyo Stroll page 381

Taisōji: Tokyo Stroll page 395

Tansuya Shinjuku sabunādo-ten (たんす屋新宿サブナード店) In the Shinjuku Subnade. [Item 2 in the Detail 6 map]

Tansuya (たんす屋) is a famous chain selling new and used kimono and yukata. They describe themselves as a kimono recycle store. Frankly looking at the recycled kimono they are in great shape, not surprising as the Japanese tend to take good care of their stuff. There are many shops in Tokyo, I am adding them to these supplement pages the boomarks when I have a page for the area they are in.

Tenryūji: Tokyo Stroll page 382

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building / Tōkyō To Chōsha: Tokyo Stroll page 374

Yayoiken Shinjuku Kabukichō in the Shiro Building 2F
[In the area in the Shinjuku Station East Detail 6 map]

Yayoiken Shinjukugyoen
[East of the area in the Shinjuku Station Area East Detail 8 map]

Yayoiken Nishi-Shinjuku (やよい軒 西新宿店)
[West of the area in the Shinjuku Station Area West Detail 2 map]

Local branchs of the restaurant chain Yayoi. I include these here as this chain is an excellent place to get a Japanese style breakfast at very reasonable prices. As you enter there is a machine where you can order and pay for your meal. This is a touch screen device and has an English menu option for easy selection. Pay for your meal, collect your ticket and change then seat yourself. You don't need to be able to speak Japanese as the ticket has your selection. Refills on rice and tea are free, just help yourself.

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