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Tokyo Stroll Supplement: Nakano Station Area

Nakano Station area map

This page is for locations in the Nakano Station Area area of Tokyo. This neighborhood is not part of my book Tokyo Stroll.

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Araiyakushi Baishouin (新井薬師 梅照院)|

A Shingon temple founded 1586. People worship here for help with eye ailments and help in raising children. A tea said to help vision is sold here as are various amulets etc. The grounds have many cherry trees brightening up the area in the spring. The main gate has several senjafuda, votive slips, attached to it. Some are so worn by the wind and rain that only the part protected by the ink has remained.
Ennichi (feast day) on the 8th, 18th, and 28th of every month.
On the first Sunday of each month, there is an antique fair.
From the north Araiyakushi-Mae Station (Seibu Shinjuku Line)
From the south Nakano Station: Chūō-Sōbu Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Chūō Line (Rapid)

Mandarake (まんだらけ)

The main draw of Nakano Broadway for many is Mandarake, they also have staff who can speak several languages including English. Mandarake is credited for reviving the then dying mall after it opened its first, and very small, shop selling used manga in 1980. Then two years later another shop for women and girl's manga, then another shop, etc. Today they have 39 shops broken down by specialty scattered throughout several floors of the mall. This drew related shops to the mall filling even more of the space.
ACCESS: Floors 1-4 of Nakano Broadway (described below.)

Nakano Broadway (中野ブロードウェイ)

For fans of anime and manga Nakano Broadway is a must go to location in Tokyo. Five stories, one is a basement level, of various shops, some 241 shops. While the 1st basement floor is mainly devoted to food, with a section for fortunetellers, the shops that interest fans of Japanese pop culture are on the 1st - 4th floors. The mall is not juist fan oriented there are plenty of other interesting shops for clothing, cameras, music recordings, watches, etc. There are still shuttered shops, mainly on the top floor, awaiting tenants with something unique to offer.
ACCESS: Head north from Nakano station and go through the Nakano Sun Mall Shopping Street, Nakano Broadway is at the end of the street.

Taco Ché (タコシェ)

A small shop famous for selling alternative, non-mainstream manga and art books. The books you will find here are quite unique and the selection is well curated. They also often host art exhibits.
ACCESS: 3rd floor of Nakano Broadway (described above.)

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