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Tokyo Stroll Supplement: Meguro Station Area

Rakan Statues

This page indexes, contains corrections and has additions to the Meguro Station Area chapter of Tokyo Stroll.

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Megurogawa (目黒川)
[Running through the center of the Meguro Station Area map]

The Meguro River may seem an odd item to list here, at first glance it is more of a landmark that a place of interest. After all it is a deep straight concrete lined channel. However, the walkways alongside the river are lined with hundreds of cherry trees that are famous for their display which usually starts in late March and peaks very early in April. The whole area from Gotanda in the south to Meguro Sky Garden, a larger area than that covered in Tokyo Stroll, fills with blossoms. The area fills up with people, this is one of the most popular viewing places in Tokyo, so go early or even at night when lanterns light up the area and are reflected in the river until 9 pm. At the peak of the blooming there will be food stalls with lots of tasty items to enjoy. There are even tour boats that board near the mouth of the river at Ten'nōzu Yamatsu Pier. Even without the blossoms the area is a nice one to walk on the way to another destination at any time of the year. There are also many areas with benches for a rest along the route.

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