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Tokyo Stroll Supplement: Marunouchi To Nagatachō

Tokyo Station

This page indexes, contains corrections and has additions to the Marunouchi To Nagatachō chapter of Tokyo Stroll. Updates will be announced on my blog.

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Old Ministry of Justice Building / Hōmu Shōkyū Honkan: Tokyo Stroll page 221

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Tokyo Station / Tokyo Eki: Tokyo Stroll page 211

Tokyo Station Gallery (東京ステーションギャラリー)
[At the north end of Tokyo Station in Marunouchi To Nagatachō Detail 1 map]

A small museum operated by JR East since 1988 with closure between 2006 and 2012 when the 3rd floor of the station was restored to its pre-war glory. The gallery is located within the dome at the Marunouchi North Exit of Tokyo Station on the second and third floors, there is an elevator and stairs to the gallery. The facility has a dual function, to display the material used in the original construction of the station, and to display art. Exhibits are changed regularly throughout the year, and the gallery will close between exhibits.
Lockers are located on the first floor between the elevator and restrooms, large bags can also be checked for when you are in the gallery. Some strollers and wheelchairs are available which may be borrowed by visitors. Free Wi-Fi is in the gallery area, a store is in the paid area on the 2nd floor.
Information as of June 6, 2022
Admission: Adults: 1,300 yen
High-school and University students: 1,100 yen
Junior high-school students and younger: Free

Hours: 10 am - 6 pm (Friday until 8 pm)
CLOSED: Monday unless it is a holiday in which case they will be closed on Tuesday.

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater / Tōkyō Takarazuka Gekijō: Tokyo Stroll page 215

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