Gilles Poitras: Biographical Statement

Born 1951 Quebec

In 1956 we moved to a California central valley farm town where I had lots of exposure to kids from around the Pacific Rim and Asia.

1977 Graduated from California State University Chico with a BA in Religious Studies.
1982 Graduated from Pacific School of Religion with an MA in Theology.
1982 Graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a Masters in Library and Information Science.

After graduating with two Masters in less than a year I decided I was not likely to read a book unless it had lots of pictures.

One important thing I learned studying religion is that one should never assume that something from another culture means what it would in ones own culture. Humanity is far to diverse and interesting for that to be the case.

I first discovered anime while walking through San Francisco's Japantown in 1977. As a fan of foreign films I was instantly attracted by the use of cinematic effects in ways that I had never seen in animation before. This began an interest in anime that continues to grow after all of these years.

I occasionally attend meetings of Cal-Animage Alpha, U. C. Berkeley's anime club.

I am the author of The Anime Companion: What's Japanese in Japanese Animation a guide to many cultural details found in anime and manga, Anime Essentials, and The Anime Companion 2 More What's Japanese in Japanese Animation All of these are published by Stone Bridge Press.

I maintain:

The Librarian's Guide to Anime and Manga
My most popular web page with over twice as many hits than any other page I have.

The Shin Anime Shopper's Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area
A guide to stores selling and renting anime and manga related products.

Presently I am:
Employed as a librarian.

I sit on the Executive Board of BayNet a San Francisco Bay area multi-type network of libraries. My position is that of Internet Advisor.

I have a monthly column in Newrtype USA entitled "Below the Surface" that looks deeper into anime, usually at Japanese culture.

In the past I published articles in Animeco magazine, the BMUG Newsletter, The American Theological Library Association Newsletter, the BayNet Newsletter.

Note for those arranging for me to speak at an event.

I am allergic to tobacco and to eggs which means I need to speak in a smoke free environment and not be fed anything containing eggs or products made with eggs.

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