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Tokyo Stroll Supplement: Additional Entries, Corrections, and Locations

Tokyo skyline

This page links to additional information about the areas covered in my book Tokyo Stroll. In time it will also include information about neighborhoods not in the book.

About the book.

Tokyo Stroll is a guide to twenty two neighborhoods in Tokyo. I describe locations in each neighborhood that may be of interest and let you wander as you want. It comes with maps which are detailed to the point that you will know how many buildings from a corner a location is, I hate having to try to figure out where I am from vague directions. The book is for those who simply wish to wander about and look at what is there.

Additional entries and corrections for areas covered in Tokyo Stroll:

Active links are to pages with content.
Additions have red bookmarks in MapsMe if you have downloaded and imported the bookmarks files linked from the Maps.Me, Google Maps, and Tokyo Stroll locations page.
NOTE Inactive sections below are place holders. All of these pages are ongoing projects.

Akihabara and Kanda
Ginza and Nearby Areas
Hakusan / Koishikawa Area
Imperial Palace / Kōkyo
Marunouchi To Nagatachō
Meguro Station Area
Nihonbashi North
Nihonbashi South, Kyōbashi, and Yaesu
Northwestern Sumida Ward
Omotesandō / Harajuku Area
Shibuya Station Area
Shinjuku Station Area
Yoshiwara and Sanya

Entries for items in areas not in the book:

Pages to be added in the future

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