Reviews of My Books

Some of the reviews of my books are available over the Internet as well as citations to printed reviews.

I will include links to any I know if, even if they are negative reviews.

If you see a review that is not here let me know.

Reviews of the Anime Companion | Reviews of Anime Essentials

Reviews of the Anime Companion

On the Internet:

Animation World Magazine - issue 3.11 - February 1999
Otaku World 12-98
SF Site 1-99

In Print:

AniWay Juni 2001 p.15 (in dutch)

Asian Cult Cinema # 22 p. 35

Education About Asia v.6 #2 Fall 2001

FUNime Nr. 8 March 1999

L.A. Daily News 11-98

Manga Max # 3 February 1999 p.60

Protoculture Addicts #54 p.17

San Francisco Chronicle 1-13-98

The Anime Companion was selected for inclusion on the 2001 Books for the Teen Age List published by the New York Public Library

Reviews of Anime Essentials

On the Internet:

Animation World Magazine - August 27, 2001

In Print:

Dreamwatch [UK] April 2001

Pacific Reader Summer 2001

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